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Flowers are amongst the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of life on this planet. They look amazing en masse and stunning in close up. After people, they are one of the most photographed subjects around. But this beauty is taken for granted. The assumption is that just pointing the camera at a flower will capture its essence with no effort on the part of the photographer. Too frequently the results are disappointing - the delicious memory lost against a background of distraction; the texture lost in the over-exposed glare of bright sunshine; or the clean vibrant petals reduced to a soft pastel blur.

This book is about how to use your camera to bring a few moments of pleasure to your friends, family, and yourself, by discovering how easy it is to produce professional quality images of flowers and gardens - images that are good enough to grace the pages of your favourite gardening magazine; images that are good enough to have printed on a 30" canvas and hung on your living room wall; and images that will create an emotional response within you every single time you look at them.

The book is aimed at the novice, someone new to digital photography, or someone who classes themselves as a beginner wanting to learn how to use their camera to produce good quality images.

As you would expect with a book on photography it starts by having a look at the basic equipment that you need - your minimum requirement is a digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR). If you have just that you will find this book helpful. But there is advice on the most useful kit to get next.

There is a look at composition before moving into the specifics of flower and garden photography. There are chapters on flower portraits, people in gardens, trees & shrubs, water, and the seasons. After you have the images then you need to process them so there is a brief look at the computer equipment - hardware & software - that you will need in order to get the best from your images.

Finally there is a section on common problems with flower & garden photography and how to solve them.

Entry level dSLRs

Essential Accessories

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